Saturday, May 26, 2012

How to be successful in any field of life

Being strict to yourself,asking questions to yourself regularly - is it worth it , do i have anything better to do ?
Answering to these questions can help you to come reality , what needs to be done first.
If you really want to become great , you have to ask this question - 
  • how will this thing help me in future 
  • Am I gaining knowledge ? 

And if you answer these questions , it can help you move in right direction and that too quickly.

What is difference between bill gates and other people who are struggling to be like him? 
He had an idea / vision.

Everyone has the potential to be that person who has an idea / vision that can change the world , but very few discovered that potential. Because

  • Very few people had a single approach
  • their mind could go into the " thinking zone " because they stayed with simple approach to life. 
  • Highest priority work was done first

If you compare your life with them , first thing you would found is their 
  •  Enthusiasm for work , do you have that ? 
  • Next thing is their devotion , you need to be dedicated to your work. They dedicated so much time to their work which is very important to be successful in any field of life. 
  • These people developed endurance and concentration to work for longer periods.
  •  These people had time for themselves
  • They gave themselves "complete" rests
  • They had routine.
  •  They never gave up
Make yourself expert in one field.

 Ask yourself ,
  •  in what field i am doing better , enjoying 
  • and can continue for longer periods
Don't just answer based on just few days or some newly found field you love , answer this question based on your life till now , and that can be difficult to answer since you may have various interests.
 Do you have required attributes for that field?

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