Friday, April 26, 2013

Psychological Safety Valve - Finally Light at the end of tunnel

As i was reading about einstein , i came across an interesting term "psychological safety valve".
Einstein used to play violen . He used violen as his psychological safety valve, means, he used his instrument as method of reducing his stress . Constantly studying puts brain under intense pressure. So . he used his violen as a vent to reduce his stress. Now , this is something very clever. Most of us today have no idea what to do in stress. Some people go for a walk , do something else. Now , that too is not regular. Or people start taking drugs. I can't stress , how they are not only, ruining there own lifes but other related to them. Einstein used to play violen a lot. So, stress from work > play violen ( vent your stress ) .

You want to use something similar to it. It should not be mentally / physically exhausting. It should be something close to you , easy to access. If you play musical instruments . BOOM , you are doing it , right. But many people , like me don't play music. So what ? Well , everyone will find something , which will work for him. I dont know myself. But , i am really excited . I will sit and think about it. What is that thing , which is easily accessible , relieves stress. Everyone will have this different. So, it is really difficult to tell

So , basically , there are 2 things.
 1. Your work.
2. Your hobby ( always available - not like playing games or others , i wouldnt include gym here too - that is something , you cant do all the time )

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