Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Different people, different styles

First off, I'd like to introduce myself to the blog's readers. Call me shortly, InT.
I work as a doc in my own dental office. As you may have guessed, I am an observer of one of Mother Nature's most wonderful process - Learning. I'm always open to discussion about ways to improve memorizing methods. I believe I can be an OK guy to create basic articles to be released to the public, as I was chief of promotion and have a clue on what needs being done to get those precious grades (which is probably what people are after when looking up topics like 'memory improvement for exams' and so on). Yes. I've been to hell and back to tell the tale, folks. Maybe one day I'll share it, if I'll make one or two fans. Who knows ! Perhaps someone will find my style of studying worth it's while and give me some feedback.


One of my first thoughts when I was reading this blog was that a few ideas where in contradiction with tactic I was using to get things done back in the ole' days. For sure, there are hundreds of methods to learn, but each one will get a certain percentage of the task at hand done for one's case.

For example, my method wouldn't be good for JD, because he uses the more physiological approach of things, whereas I use the steroids method. The idea you should get from this paragraph is that each person needs their own set of customized elements. Experimentation and analysis will be the key of success. Take this as a warning post. Don't blame it on our bad advice, blame it on the genetic luggage.

How long will it take for you to find your fit approach to learning, is dependent on your ability to distinguish and remove/add factors that lower or potentate your attention, concentration, link and storage ability. Look for that which is disturbing you and eliminate. Now. To list a few things that are common to all styles of learning (or at least that are recommended for the vast majority):
a) Silence and absence of diversions
b) Relaxation and stress-relieving environment
c) Logical arrangement of facts in the text
d) Highlighting or underlining
e) Allocation of time

They're just a few, but still, good key concepts that I believe that are mostly found in the swarm of learning styles. Of course you cannot compare studying law Vs. medicine or piano Vs. history. And I've just listed a few of the facts that differentiate styles among people. I'm not going to make a book out of this post tho'. Gotta leave more spicy subjects for upcoming articles. This was just a short prelude. Will be back with a short story about how to prepare yourself for the upcoming exam session. Get all pumped up and whatnot.


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  1. Thank you, my dear JD ! Great to be here.
    I've only begun my reading of the blog and I found some amazing articles by you.

    I'm going to make my articles explicit and pretty much like a story for the readers. I can explain better if I take the natural succession of things.

    I hope that together we can bring among students everywhere hope where there is none and light where there is doubt.

    Warm regards !