Thursday, October 7, 2010

How to Get good marks in exams and live stress free and enjoy things.

how to revise for exams quickly

Get good marks and  time for enjoyment by following these steps

Remember everything you read so there is no stress at the time of exams.

Draw charts and diagrams , summarising the whole topic.

Get a notebook specially for it.

Your brain filters the information itself and you will  remember >40% in 1st reading + revising is so easy.

Dont make lame notes.

Cover 1 full topic on 1 double page.

In this way , you have made yourself ready for fast and  easy learning.

It will be a stress buster.

Thats how you get time for study and enjoyment.

It is a guaranteed formula.

At the end , you can do 6 revisions as i told you about in previous post.

Now get the grades , you want.

This is a tested technique so dont experiment with it . There should be no confusion in your mind , whether it will work or not. it will definitely work.

You may experience this. Your mind willl tell you why are you wasting your time in writing. but dont listen to it as your mind wants to go easy way all the time. this technique will break the barriers of your full potential

Try it with one topic. draw a flowchart of it.

I will give you examples.


  • Waving lines dont matter , linking is important.
  • While revising , use different / colored pencils.
  • This technique is like preparing topics as you read.

Tell me , you write roughly as you read ? why waste that energy.

Utilize that in writing the charts , covering whole topic.

You will not need to open the book and you can easily pass the exams.

You dont have to spend sleepness nights.

Even if one topic takes 30 min or 1 hour , but that 1 hr can save you 20 hours + procastrinating or delaying work and is a stress buster .

You will go confidently in exams.

So you read one topic and that is covered then only.

When you dont do this and again read the topic , your brain will have to reprocess the information , looking for main / key points and you will have to do this every time , you read the topic.

This method will work with any profession.

 I am in medical profession and no information can be difficult to organise than medicine. if medicine can be made too easy to remember , then anything can be.

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  1. This is like the answer to my prayers...thank you...SO much for all this information...