Sunday, April 28, 2013

Real Truth about Motivation

I have read various articles about how to motivate yourself . They are all clueless.
People have laid bunch of guidelines ( sort of things )  to motivate themselves and to others. ( contradicting themselves - dream big , achieve smaller tasks, which itself becomes confusing. You all know , none of these work for longer periods . eg. suppose , you are not good at a subject , lets say science. Now , people will advise you to stay away from tv , sit in a quiet room , hold a pen and what not. Does that motivate you ? No .

The real motivation comes from within .  As , i told you in earlier post , when you start understanding a subject , suddenly your confidence rises and you start studying more or you do certain thing , you become better at it and you do it more. There is your answer.

 To get motivated , you need to do your work. Eg if you feel , you are not motivated to certain things like studying , sit down and think about which subject / topic , you don;t know ? Read it.
 Repeat this and watch your motivation , go high and high.

Rest all factors like family , positive thoughts , dreaming or others can only help. Real motivation comes from within.


  1. wow.....seems like you have really bin there and finally figured it all out !!!!i can relate to so many things!!! which country are you from?