Saturday, April 27, 2013

Speed Reading - Make your subject interesting.

Now speed reading doesn't mean that you read your subject/chapter so fast that you can't understand a word of it.
Now , according to me , there is no need to compare , how many words you read earlier and now or after speed reading. Your aim aim is to cut the reading time so that you can cover much more subject in the same time , you used earlier to read a chapter. 

Now , human nature is inclined to something you are becoming good at. Think of games , as you become good , you play more. In certain games , you are bad , you are not interested in playing. Same concept is with study. Students who top the class , keep on studying more and students who are at the bottom of the class , are not interested in studying. Because the topper is grasping the subject and he thinks , he knows it. While student at the bottom knows , he doesn't understand concepts but he is good at beating opponent in games. So , he is more interested in the thing , he is good at.

Now as you read more in the same time , you will cover much more subject in the same time than previous and as you read more and more , you will definitely become interested and excited.

You will find various articles on speed reading saying that don't do sub-vocalization / speaking every word in your mind / subconsciously , or they will tell you how our eye movement  is there. There are few simple things , you need to follow.

1. Don't read ( a, the , is , an etc ) while you are reading topic.

2. Sub-vocalize words only that are relevant.

3. Don't read and re-read same line.

4. Complete that paragraph before you are distracted.

eg. i wrote this post. You should sub-vocalize only highlighted words .

Revising for an exam is an art . Here's how you revise your subjects.

It depends on heavily , how you read it for the first time. Yes , understanding the topic helps but the most important thing is marking or making notes.

1. Marking : Did you mark the most important words or just underlined / highlighted everything on the book ? If you underlined everything , then you basically needs to study everything again. Its not revising , its reading again. 
[Because you want to learn , you are not interested in what you did earlier ]

You need to mark the most important word of the paragraph or topic , you just read. That words should describe that paragraph. There is no need to underline / highlight - is , the , that , those etc. These are least important words.

2. Notes. Did you write the whole thing on a piece of paper or you make a diagram covering the whole topic like i told you ? If latter , revising is going to be fun , if previous , it is going to take longer time.

If you did neither of these two , think of topics / subject , you find difficult to remember. Read headings and see if you can fill in details , yourself ? What is the word that describes/basis of that paragraph / topic. Don't just read the whole topic , look for what is important.

For that , concentration is the key. Divide your revision time into 25-5 cycle. 25 min of revision and 5 minutes of break . In this way , you will keep your mind fresh and ready to learn more, more like developing endurance , as i posted earlier. But don't watch , tv during this break . You have to give rest to your eyes too . Just wash them with cold water . Also , don't drink too much coffee. Caffeine initally helps you to keep awake but then decrease your learning power

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