Friday, April 26, 2013

Ways to improve focus - Improve now

Find out how you can improve your focus or concentration to get the tasks done timely.
1. Have a proper sleep. This is the most important thing in improving your concentration or focus, I stress heavily on having proper sleep. If your sleep schedule is disturbed , correct it from day 1. Because if you are sleepy , you are going to take much longer to read simple things and that too without much focus.

2. Dont take caffeine. It may feel that you are more awake but it decrease your ability to grasp things.

3. Proper environment . You can't just sit on the bed and have proper concentration. Keep yourself away from electrical gagets. If you cant ? Just turn off the internet, this will make a lot of difference.

4. Proper diet . Eat fruits and vegetable daily. Also ask your consultant/physician if you need to take multivitamin tablets daily. These vitamins are extremely important to body, They do hell of lot of functions than you think.

5. Proper Planning.   As i told you earlier , you can't just sit and say i will study this topic. No, you need to say , i will complete this topic in 1 hour or 2 hours before i go somewhere else. This helps a lot in concentration.

6. Avoid God's complex. This is one thing , i will write in detail. Basically god's complex is trying to be perfect in every thing you do.

7. Exercise and meditation . These help to improve circulation to your body , more circulation , more blood flow , more oxygen , more work.

8. Decrease stress. Compare yourself studying near exams and without exams, You retain much better when you study without any stress. Avoid it all costs.

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