Friday, April 26, 2013

Time management methods for students

Time management starts with a clear plan in mind.
For a student to management , first step is to divide work into priorities like
  •  High Priority , 
  • Medium priority and
  •  low priority.
 High priority work includes your study , rest all comes in medium or low. That is what your concerned with. If you doing low priority work first than medium/low , that's how you are wasting time. Now you know , which work is most important i.e. study , you should have clear idea of how much syllabus or lessons or chapter , you are going to do in this much time. That clear plan , idea is the key. Don't worry , if you cannot complete it in first few days. You are just training your mind , on how to have specific approach to a task. After few days , you will see the improvement i.e. you are able to do some tasks on time . Slowly and slowly , you will be accustomized to it. Your brain will start processing faster. Look , anything needs constant training , and after training , body actions become involuntary. Same concept is for brain.

Next important thing is your sleeping cycle, I cant stress , how important this part is. If your sleep cycle is disturbed . you will struggle. After a good night sleep , your body is ready to absorb the information but if your body is not fully rested , your mind is tired , you will take 4-5 times the time you needed to study the same topic and that too without full concentration , no matter how much caffeine you take.

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