Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Best Revision Tips for exams

Revising for an exam is an art . Here's how you revise your subjects.
It depends on heavily , how you read it for the first time. Yes , understanding the topic helps but the most important thing is marking or making notes.

1. Marking : Did you mark the most important words or just underlined / highlighted everything on the book ? If you underlined everything , then you basically needs to study everything again. Its not revising , its reading again.

You need the mark the most important word of the paragraph or topic , you just read. That words should describe that paragraph. There is no need to underline / highlight - is , the , that , those etc. These are least important words.

2. Notes. Did you write the whole thing on a piece of paper or you make a diagram covering the whole topic like i told you ? If latter , revising is going to be fun , if previous , it is going to take longer time.

If you did neither of these two , think of topics / subject , you find difficult to remember. Read headings and see if you can fill in details , yourself ? What is the word that describes/basis of that paragraph / topic. Don't just read the whole topic , look for what is important.

For that , concentration is the key. Divide your revision time into 25-5 cycle. 25 min of revision and 5 minutes of break . In this way , you will keep your mind fresh and ready to learn more, more like developing endurance , as i posted earlier. But don't watch , tv during this break . You have to give rest to your eyes too . Just wash them with cold water . Also , don't drink too much coffee. Caffeine initally helps you to keep awake but then decrease your learning power

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