Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to deal with exam stress

To deal with exam stress , you need to do following things.
1. Don't search on google , signs and symptoms of exam stress or any kind of stress. There is absolutely no need to do it. You may not have it but by searching , you may have it. So this is the first step.

2. It is absolutely normal to have some stress. That's how , our body works.

3. To deal with stress, have a positive attitude . Remind yourself that you can do it.

4. There is nothing bigger than the health of an individual. Even if you dont perform , you should never have unwanted stress.

5. You should talk to your family members .Trust me , they are there to help you. Family is something special . It always stand for/with you. If you think that your family wont understand but your friends will, then you are totally wrong. Friends fakely empathize but family sympathize. Moreover , people gain confidence from your weakness. Family will show you the right direction. You can share anything with them. Only ask professional help from them like your course work.

6. Exercise daily to deal with stress. Just make a habit of going for a walk for 20 min. This will be very beneficial to deal with stress.

7. Never / Dont try drugs /. First mistake , someone who is in stress , do is to start taking drugs. You are not only ruining your life but also other attached to you. Never fall for drugs.

8. Take multivitamin tablets .During stress , you may not be eating properly like skipping meals. This will create vitamin deficiency. Take multivitamin tablets daily , they make a world of difference.

Just remember this , anything that deteriorates your health , ignore it. Be it , stress / drugs / anything else.

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