Friday, October 8, 2010

What is the secret behind scoring good marks in exams?

Answers by various people in their own words

Make a revision plan about 6 months before a major exam and start reviewing one topic at a time from then.
I feel envious of people who just perform well in exams without much real effort (so they say). The rest of us mortals have to follow the revision plan and cover everything as well as possible in advance of the big day.

Do hard work sincerely and don;t think about the results. Just put in your best efforts.

Don't wait till the last minute to study.
"EAT A PIECE OF CHOCOLATE" Chocolate is a quick and true choice to stimulate your brain cells. And relax.

Studying and mastering the material?

Understanding the course will help better rather than mugging up the course .....

1. Write neatly and clearly, .
2. Write in a language which is easy to understand for the examiner as most examiners are average person, Keep their IQ in your mind while replying.
3. Reply the question with a direct and simple answer, though the question may look difficult.
3. If requred, explain with some suitable example.
4. Give some simple sketches in support of your answer.
5. If you want to score high, never make spelling mistakes, (this is like the impression we get from newspaper with lot of spelling mistakes we read it but ....but we don't trust the news).

study hard before the exams

Concentration on studies, what u are reading, and try to memorise what u are reading, if possilbe the difficult ones u try to write at least 3 - 5 times so that u would not forget it

Work hard. Devote minimum 6 hrs .to studies daily. Do revisions.
If you get good marks it means that your future life will be good and you will live comfortably in days ahead. Life is long but it is you only who have to make it safe, secure and comfortable.This is the time of competition and you must be ahead of others and the best way is to secure good marks in your all the exams.

I have experienced a lot in this section. The first and the foremost thing is use ur text book as ur book for answers without relying on any other material and it helps u a lot as you will be in touch with the acurate information required for scoring max.

don't lose confidence and start studying and making notes

Being relaxed and having good sleep BEFORE the exams -- which means that you have studied well before the exam week, are confident in your projects and papers, and can confidently tackle the exam when it is given.

Applying 99% of your hard work and leaving 1% to God!.

practice exams and study books.

I've always use the BOLD TYPE the BOLD TYPE...if you think you understand that move on...if your a little confused!!! read on a little more or even a little more until you understand... I will usually get about a 90% this way ...good luck...

Your good performance in answering the questions.It requires hard work, practise and retaining the subject in your mind.Memory plays a pivotal role in scoring the Marks.

Honest hard work in learning , coupled with a genuine interest in the subjects, makes the learning pleasant instead of boring and tiresome.Once this happens, you will need less time to study and get more time for other activities that make you happy. That makes you to learn even more and eventually you become the expert on the subject, even as you are still a student.

The secret to score high marks is "study day to day portions".Get clear idea about your subjects before studying.

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