Thursday, May 24, 2012

distraction index - reduce distraction drill

Check your distraction with this distraction drill. You need few things for this . Try to attain the goal.

1. Stopwatch with timer set for 3 min.

2. Paper ( write "I wont be distracted by that anymore" )

3. pencil/pen.

Read a paragraph from your book.

When you appear distracting - hold your finger on place of text , check mark on paper.

Look at the paper with " I wont be distracted by thay anymore" and now look back where you placed your finger on text and say " I wont be distracted by that anymore" ?

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Repeat steps when you experience distraction.

At the end of 3 min , count number of distractions.

Repeat this drill.

Goal : No distractions within 3 min.