Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where to get the confidence when it is really low

I find bit of an anger , like saying "why the hell didn't i do it" can give bit of a confidence.
I am not talking about adrenaline rush. Its just a bit of an anger.

 Another way is just opposite of this . Just keep smile on your face , even if you know its fake. It does help.

But i personally found , a little bit of anger ( in controlled amount ) really gives you a kick to do the task. You may call it attitude , kind of like attitude to do things.

Also never look for support from others. You may ask for help but you should never expect it. If someone helps you , thats good but if not , then no problem as you didn't expect it.

On the other side , if you expect help/support from others and he/she doesn't help , that can be a big blow.  

So , its better you dont expect help from others in any kind of task.

 Eg. if someone doesn't help you but you have to do the work , you are going to do it in one way or the other , easy or difficult way. But after completing the work , you feel much more confident and i call it
 " mining of confidence ".
 You have to mine small pieces of confidence to add to your experience / inventory and you have to fill it. Small bits of confidence adds up and suddenly you are a confident personality.

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