Monday, May 28, 2012

Difference between winner and one who lost ?

What is the difference between a winner and someone who lost ?
The winner helds his nerve and stayed strong in the situation , whereas the other one just gave up in the end.

  • The winner had no other thought than to win whereas the other one started having thoughts of losing and fear of losing. 
  •  The winner is still analysing the situation and taking necessary steps even in difficult moments whereas the other one starts to have a blackout and running out of thoughts. 
  • Even though the body of winner is tired , but his mind keeps on working and that comes only through training and endurance. 
If you cannot compete with people now or you find it very difficult. Its because your mind is not trained to sustain constant stress and pressure.

 You need to first train your mind to do any difficult task.

Why can you surf the web for hours and hours but can't study continuously for few hours? 

It because your have trained your mind to "enjoy" surfing the web while your brain/mind is not trained to study for longer periods. You need to understand this.

You can do any type of task , you just need to train your mind or to prepare your mind to do something.

You can train your mind by

  • completely small tasks first ,
  •  gaining confidence , 
  • using the confidence to do more tasks. 
You need to have enthusiasm and devotion for your work.
The problem lies in this - sometimes you can devote time but you don't have enthusiasm for work or you are not interested in work. Then what ?

Then you need to think
  • what is the priority of work ? 
  • Is the work important ?
 Here's important thing to understand that you are not interested because you don't know much about the subject. 

Take anything like video game , you keep on playing as you have targets and as you play you keep on improving and you start to like the game.

Same concept can be applied to real life , as you start you don't know much about , so you are less interested . If you think you cannot do it , you are simply not interested. So its your thinking which makes you less interested, actual subject/task is not.

So , complete small tasks to build some interest and then think how you can improve it. 
Slowly , your interest builds up. That's how to train your mind.

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