Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ideal time to sleep-Best sleeping cycle

Ideal time to sleep - best/Ideal time to sleep is between 11pm - 7 am.
You must sleep from(ideal time) 12.30am to 5 am. Sleep during this time is most crucial
as you get REM sleep during this time.

During REM sleep there is rapid movement of the eyes in relation to dreams. Most dreams occur in this sleep and these are the ones , you may not remember next morning.

This sleep helps you relax and recharge your body with energy for the next day / work.

So the ideal time to sleep should be 11.45 - 8am , considering all days are not equal , you should go to sleep by 12:00 , this means you should be on the bed 30 minutes before i.e. 11:30pm.

You will feel much more relaxed,productive ,energetic the next day, and with less procrastination.

Some people/students may say that they cant go to bed early.
 That's because they don't have routine or they have set their sleeping cycle from late night/early morning to afternoon.

But you can change it and you only need it one day.
Eg. if you woke up today at 12:00 - 2:00 pm , then sleep at your usual time , lets say 3:00 am , wake up tomorrow at 8:00 am. Yes , 8:00 am and don't sleep throughout the day. Yes may feel intense urge to sleep , during the day , you will feel lethargic but trust me its just one day and during day , do whatever you want , things in which you are interested.
  • Play video games 
  • go outside , 
  • watch some movie , 
  • play football , whatever. 
And then sleep early , may be at 11:00pm.

 Don't sleep in the evening.
Try not to be on bed as you may feel intense urge to sleep at 7:00 pm or 8:00 pm.

Do whatever you can to extend the time to 11:00pm.

Second situation is that your sleeping cycle is completely disturbed. You may be sleeping in the morning and wake up at night. Then ?

So you wake up at night , how to correct your sleep cycle.Well same principle , do everything you can to stay active during the day and sleep at 9:30 pm.

 It will take one or two days to correct it. Since if you sleep at 9:30 , most likely you will wake up at 6:00 am but you will feel very good. You can study and be productive.

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