Friday, June 1, 2012

What to do you when you feel left out ?

There are times when you may feel left out esp. in group discussion.
You are already struggling with life. Suddenly , you feel like , you are nothing,empty and you are very dissatisfied with your life.
Let me tell you , there is nothing to feel discouraged.

 I believe , people whom god loves , have to pass through many scrutiny tests. If you dont believe in god , trust me , you have to believe him.

Every great person had difficult life. Eg messi was found to have growth hormone deficiency , ronaldo had difficult childhood , einstein's life.

It is not a co-incidence that so many great people had difficult times. you may say there are so many people struggling with life , are they destined to become great. Yes , everyone is given opportunity by god. I feel , he tests you in various phases. Each phase getting difficult and more difficult as you try to reach in "tried and tested "zone. Now the difference is not many people can pass through these phases. Some crumble in first phase , some in next and almost everyone in between.

 Great people just keep on passing these phases as they hold on. Once you clear these phases , there lies the success zone.

Time is on noone's side. It will clear your memories of good or bad times. you may try to remember good times but you just want to forget bad times.

 Do one thing.
  •  Just lie down on bed ,
  • switch off the lights , 
  • play some beautiful music 
and try to remember those difficult times. You may get very emotional and feel that you didn't deserve that. Let your emotions flow. Dont hold them. You may even want to cry. Just don't hold your emotions. You will feel a lot better and relaxed.
Now , visualize yourself doing something great. Eg. Consider yourself scoring an important goal/winner in an important football match. Feel that emotion when fans will be chanting your name or visualize anything else giving importance to yourself. You will feel a hell of lot better about yourself.

Try it yourself.

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