Sunday, June 3, 2012

Struggling to concentrate in study?

Are you struggling to concentrate? You can watch tv ' play games for hours but you cant concentrate on textbook for even 10 minutes?
My first advice would be to get your eye sight tested. 

You can check yourself if you need to see ophthalmologist/eye specialist.

  • Cover 1 eye with your hand and try to see things around. Can you see clearly ? Or things appear slightly blurred. 
  • Do this with the other eye. 
Remember , this is just a vague test. Ideally should be done with snellen chart , held at a distance of 6m.

If you see things blurred or you can't read text , you should definitely get your eye sight tested.

Here's what happened with me. I couldn't concentrate on text but i could watch tv for hours. When i got my eyesight tested , I couldn't believe the result. My left eye needed a correction of -0.5D (power of lens) ( - means myopic ) and right eye with -4.75 D.

So my left eye was compensating for the right eye. and I could see clearly but i couldn't find the answer to why i am not able to concentrate and to make things worse , my right eye accepted a correction to certain degree.

 So get your visual acquity / eye sight tested. 

One more thing , as i told you that my eye accepted correction to certain degree because i didn't wear glasses earlier which resulted in worsening of my vision.

So get your eye sight tested today , dont delay it and if you already have glasses , be sure to wear it all time.

 Now what if you dont wear glasses ? Well , here is the reason. If you don't wear your specs. , your eye will try to accommodate the loss and in doing so , the shape of the cornea may change permanently , making things more complex.

So get your eye sight tested.

Disclaimer : the information provided here is only for educational purposes, you should consult your doctor.

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