Tuesday, May 8, 2012

how to study for longer periods ?

To study effectively for longer periods , you need concentration and small "complete" rests
in between from 15-30 minutes and no more.
For concentration , you need a quite place ( if you cannot study with music , as i posted earlier ). I found library to be the best place to study as your mind can concentrate and you are away from many distractions. Else , it could be quite room .

 You need to make sure that you are away from distractions like tv,laptop,consoles,mobile phones.

One more thing , your mind may say lets play 1 game and then i will study. Say , NO to yourself. Learn to say no to irrelevent things and keep your mind focused on the task. Because, if you play 1 game , it means you are going into procrastination , which you don't want at all costs.

Another thing is complete rest in intervals. What do you mean by complete rest?

It means , you have to give your mind time to rest. Watching tv,playing games,on phone is not complete rest as you are not giving your mind much needed rest to continue working.

 Its like body building , you do exercise and rest to give muscles time to recover and grow. Similarly , your mind can grow and perform for longer periods if complete rest is given. Close your eyes for 15 minutes while you are listening to music or without music , eat something. And you are ready to work for more.

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