Monday, May 7, 2012

how to relieve exam anxiety and stress

You can greatly relieve exam stress and anxiety using the help of music.
Yes , music can not only reduce your anxiety and stress but also greatly increase your productivity.

Some say, they are not able to study while music is playing .

Let me tell you , these people are bookworms and only thing they do is study. Well there is nothing wrong in being a bookworm as they are only gaining knowledge , i see nothing wrong in that. But everyone is not gifted with this bookworm "curse".

 Back to how music can help. Music helps you to forget about "what will happen on exam day" syndrome.

Some students prefer instrumentals , some with vocals. My brother used to study with music . He said he found , his concentration levels increased with music playing and he was among top students in class. Music relieves anxiety to great level.

 Don't use headphone as you don't want beats to disturb you instead of concentrating. You may have seen people who do exercises in gym , do hear music to help them perform better and get that extra motivation.

Try it.

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