Sunday, April 1, 2012

To be in top 1%

Reduce your virtual world esp video games leading you to nowhere.

 It not only reduces your confidence but starts a vicious cycle , something i call " peak/extreme phenomena ".

Eg if you have some work to do [ homework , assignment , presentation ], the one who is successful , will give the work maximum importance and try to complete it within time of his maximum input or when he is most active. The other one will delay it to the last minute. Naturally work will give you some stress.

 So video games become a false substitute for stress to divert your mind but work is still to be done.

The work is left to last minute which will lead to exponential stress / peak stress.

Now when the work is completed somehow / next day , it will give you extreme relief . This leads to a vicious cycle of extreme stress and extreme relief. To continue this cycle , for extreme relief , your subconscious mind [ inner voice ] wants you to leave the work to last minute. This becomes a habit.

It not only reduces confidence but also reduces your fighting spirit , that inner motivation to compete and when it reduces , you start to suffer in life.

Your mind wants to stay in that virtual world and you start having aggressive nature because when someone tells you to stop playing games , your mind doesnt want to break that cycle.

 I hope you understand this .

Someone said , you dont need entertainment if you want to become a genius. Because genius mind has single approach and it finds satisfaction in doing that work only and not in other things.

Try to do things which are useful in any way. Play football or any kind of sports,  instead of video games.

Best way to break this cycle is not to stay in 1 room for long which has electronics.

Keep the door of you3 room open , dont stay in bed during your productive hours.

Best way , i have found is to always keep your book open. It somehow really helps , kind of reality check. 

Keep your book in hands while your are going somewhere like in kitchen to eat , read few lines.

 It helps to get life  in rythm and break the vicious cycle.

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