Thursday, October 21, 2010

Study Tips Series - 3

Use markers, a brain will remember marked (important) words more easily, due to
the color code

So put your titles and keywords in different collors. And just study a lot then...

Also, it's very very important to EAT AND DRINK while studying, because studying is very intensive for your brain.

Even if you are not hungry, if you have examns eat and drink A LOT. (No junkfood and coca cola of course, but healthier things, fruit, water, bread, anything with fibres in it.)

It's always handy to make summary's of what you have to study, but if time's to short to make them, just think about what teachers said was important.

If your teacher has been talking about one subject for a long time, or he just said that something was very important, then it is.

Study that item particularly and go faster over what you've already done.

It's also a good technique, to start at the back of something.

Learn chapter by chapter, and start with the last chapter for once, because if you always start with the first, you will remember the first very good, but the last a lot less.