Saturday, October 2, 2010

Finding a reason , why you cant study ?

The answer lies in Weight Training. How ?

After performing several set of exercises , you rest for about a day or two to allow the body to recover.

If you dont rest sufficiently between exercises , you body begins to show signs of wear and tear and your performance decreases and you may even damage your  muscles or have an injury + You maintain your diet by eating proteins.

What happens is  , you spend few hours in study and to " refresh " your mind , you either watch TV , Play games , surf the web - youtube, facebook , orkut or anything .

But in reality your mind is continously working along with your eyes.

You are not allowing sufficient time for your mind to recover .

How can your mind perform ?  No way.

Your mind needs complete rest .

Like muscles grow , your mind's learning potential grows ( can grow exponentially )  if sufficient rest is provided and not giving proper rest will cause wear and tear of your mind.

I hope you get my point.

Proper Rest --- Work ----Proper Rest -- Work : That is a " Gold Standard " formula to be successful.

If you want to be successful , you have to follow this.

" Rest " can be given on weekends. But " Proper" Rest is absolutely necessary.

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