Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fear of exams leads to anxiety

Fear of exams leads you nowhere but leads to anxiety.

If you are worried about exams and you are not studying or not able to study , then anxiety will be there.

Instead forget about exams and your target should be to complete the required syllabus.

Just keep on studying . As you study and complete topics , anxiety will decrease and as you complete more topics , anxiety will transform into confidence.

Delaying study due to anxiety or some other reason will give a blow to your confidence. 

You should know this.

Best way to reduce exam anxiety  and possibly eliminate is to complete topics. 

Just go through each topic very fast . Even if you dont remember much , You will have time for other reading. And this reading is going to give you confidence.

So read topics fast . Forget about exam.

Your target should be to complete topics of your study.

Good luck for your exams.

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